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“Brian’s friendly, no-nonsense approach keeps me totally accountable. I’ve learned a lot about myself and tackled some issues that had been buried for too long. We have great rapport, but Brian makes me stretch myself both in terms of the goals I set and the different solutions and ways forward that I generate.” HB Bedford

“I have become more confident about marketing my business, managing my workload and my time. I have moved forward in every area and come a long way in a very short time.” JT East Grinstead

“Brian is very intuitive and practical and I always come away from our sessions feeling confident I have hit on something powerful and constructive. We worked mainly on my business goals, but Brian also helped me resolve a very sensitive and upsetting personal issue.” Sanae Floyd, Leeds

“I have gained so much from Brian and now have much greater confidence in my own abilities. I can highly recommend him.” Sandra Waldron, Yorkshire

“I have worked with Brian since mid-2015. He has been immense, helping me to regain my focus, set new goals and put a much more positive face on my business and personal life.

I like Brian’s methods and style, which are relaxed, informative and overall, reassuring that you are on the right path towards your goals. I wish Brian every success in the future and I will certainly maintain my contact with him.” GM Surrey

“I had the privilege of working with Brian in 2016-7.  His wealth of experience helped me view my business from many different perspectives.  He was endlessly patient with me and provided numerous pearls of wisdom.  It almost goes without saying, but I will anyway – I can recommend Brian without reservation” 

Quentin Crowe  Director The Marketers’ Forum Group

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